The Sisters Grey

Meet the coven of sisters

Jillian Apple

Jillian Apple is a dark romance writer with a serious coffee addiction and the laugh of a Banshee. A lifetime obsession of folklore and fae inspired her to write erotic stories of her own. Of course, being married to a Greek demigod does come with the perk of living with the perfect muse. Jillian has been active in the BDSM community and shares her knowledge with her characters.

Pricilla Green

Pricilla Green is a lover of anthropology, literature, and her partner's dad bod. She is known for her sparkling personality and luscious locks. Bringing personal experiences and a vivid imagination to her characters she hopes to invigorate the imaginations of readers everywhere.

Violet Grey

Violet Grey is an alternative pen name for Letti Lustcraft, an erotic-romance writer and creative whose work focuses on kink positivity and healthy D/s dynamics. She has a masters degree specializing in population health and is passionate about sexual well-being and education. But Violet Grey doesn't give a fuck.

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